ScreenShareS60 3rd Edition 1.1.0

Share the your phone's screen with other users via Bluetooth

ScreenShareS60 is ideal for sharing pictures or showing a demo of the latest S60 software application you installed on your phone. Show details by moving a special arrow pointer! In camera mode ScreenShareS60 allows you to take and share pictures of documents, objects, your computer screen...or turns your phone into a genuine phonecam for remote vieving of moving images.

ScreenShareS60 is easy to use! Screensharing can be set-up in three easy steps:

  • Start bluetooth on the master phone
  • Connect slave phone to the master phone
  • Start screensharing

Screensharing can be stopped to show some detail on the picture by moving an arrow pointer around with the joystick.

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ScreenShareS60 3rd Edition 1.1.0

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